Manfred plays the following Theremins :


The tVoX tour

Manfred plays the tVoX tour theremin which was formerly owned by Barbara Buchholz (1959 - 2012).

Manfred became acquainted with Barbara in June 2000 at a workshop given by virtuoso thereminist Lydia Kavina.

Barbara died much too soon. Playing her instrument means to keep her memory alive ...

The tVoX tour is a legendary Russian theremin with a mute button and one-touch volume tuning. 2 seperate line outputs allow you to control your own monitor level during a performance. The tVoX tour was developed by George Pavlov in Russia (1998 – 2000) and manufactured in cooperation with TAIRIKU TRADING LTD, Japan in 2001-2002 (the predecessor of the tVoX was the Pavlov Theremin Model 1994 designed by George Pavlov and Yaroslav Schelkunov).
It's unclear how many tVoX instruments were made, but it couldn't have been many, only 200 (?) or more than 400 (?) and only George Pavlov knows how many got lost on their way from Japan to Europe.
Until now it remains a mystery.

Let´s have a look inside ...

The tVoX tour is no longer in production and Manfred will never sell his instrument, sorry ...


The Travel Case Model Theremin

... manufactured by Wavefront Technologies in Los Angeles. Mark Segal, the founder of Wavefront Technologies says: "The instrument is completely contained within a hard-shell briefcase. Removable antennae snap into the inside of the lid."
Manfred bought the Travel Case Model in 2000. The instrument you can see above is highly modified ...
Wherever you go, don´t forget your Wavefront Theremin
(and your EMS Synthi AKS).


The Self-built Theremin
(the cross is a homage to Kazimir Malevich, the famous Russian artist)

Inside and outside you can find some parts Manfred took from a Big Briar (Moog) Theremin, bought in 1996, but mainly it´s a weird accumulation of wires and electronic junk to create some unusual special effects. ; - )